Intercom systems are essential to every office and residential area. It helps you to know who is coming and going and is very crucial for the safety of those living in the area. There are many types of intercom systems you can choose from. The two major types are audio and video. Which one to choose is dependent on your requirements. Often getting an audio-only intercom system suffices the requirements. We are here to tell you about some of the leading models you can consider. You can read more about the model 

you would like to opt for.

LE-SS Vandal and Weather Resistant Stainless Steel Door Station

This type of only audio intercom system is used for call-in communication. It comes with stainless steel panel. As the name suggests it is weather and vandal resistant. When purchasing an intercom, it is crucial that it is moisture-resistant and the speaker should be puncture resistant as well. This model comes with a hands-free communication system that means that the master station answers. It makes use of Open voice hands-free communication. You can mount the intercom on the flush in the walls. A 2-gant box/ring can be used.

LE-DA Flush Mount Door Station, Stainless Steel Cover

Le-DA Flush Mount Door station provides communication using a call-in. As the name implies it has a stainless steel panel. The intercom is vandal resistant. As it is installed outside, it is highly resistant to moisture and other environmental factors. It comes with hands-free communication when the master system is answering. It uses a 3 cond., and an overall shield wire type is used. The distance covered by the system is 650’ (22AWG) 1,600’ (18AWG). It comes with a temperature rating of 14 degrees to 140 degrees Farenheight. The dimensions of the system are 4-1/2” H x 4-9/16” W x 2” D.

LE-D Surface Mount Door Station

The LE-D surface Mount Door station provides a call-in communication by using an ABS plastic door station. It is protected against weather elements. When the master answers, it provides hands-free communication and uses an open voice system. It can be mounted on mount flush in-wall by using a 2-gang box/ ring or directly on the wall with SBX – 2G/A.

LEF-3L 3 Call Master Station with Selective Door Release

It is an audio intercom system that provides internal communication to the LEF Master stations or LE door stations. There is ABS plastic housing used by the system and offers a selective door release. There are LED and call-tone indicators. Its power consumption is 300mA. Push to talk, simplex is used for communication. The LEF-3L can be mounted on either wall or desk. There are variable wire types you could choose from.

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